Display system

Customized display solutions for every need. Discover Demolight® our patented display that speaks to the consumer! A demonstration system equipped with wiring and lamp holders, compatible with all the typical dimensions of display counters.


  1. Time and business savings: one contact, one invoice, one delivery, one accounting record.
  2. One catalogue with 4 different sectors: a wide range of accessories from just one company with the possibility to develop a more interesting turnover, thereby achieving better purchasing conditions.
  3. Simple and automatic orders through our trustfully specialized staff, allowing your sales team to save time.
  4. Sales prices consistent with market standards.
  5. Fast deliveries and, on request, also in 24 hours.
  6. Always updated products range.
  7. High quality standard products. Compliance with Italian and European regulations, IMQ voluntary certification for the electric equipment sector (where provided) and European Compliance Certifications (TUV,SGS,Dekra) for the lighting sector.
  8. Assembling and merchandising directly on retailers without warehouse stocks.
  9. Optimization of the exhibition area, with a more rational layout and best use of the space.
  10. Visual impact optimization, thanks to modular and customizable displays according the store needs.

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