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The rated life of a LED light may range from 20,000 to 50,000 hours, while halogen lamps last between 2,000 and 5,000 hours and compact fluorescent lamps around 10,000 hours. In terms of consumption, LED lamps use only one fifth of energy compared to halogen lamps, cutting costs by 80%.

Watts are the amount of energy a lamp uses to produce light, while lumens are the unit that measures the light output of a lamp, meaning the amount of light emitted.

To calculate how much light you need to light up a room, multiply the lux by the area of the room. This gives you the necessary luminous flux (lumen) and the watts needed to light your space (Lumen=Lux*m2). Check out our blog article on this topic: http://novaline.it/it/component/k2/item/56-massima-illuminazione-con-led-ad-alta-efficienza

LED lamps may not be disposed of as household waste. The crossed-out wheelie bin on the boxes indicates that the product must be disposed of separately. Take the lamps to specific waste collection centers or the waste separation and recycling areas in your town.

Yes, Nova line LED strips can be cut and soldered together. Each model has its own cutting pattern, which can be found on the strip’s product sheet.

Nova line’s disinfection lamps are powerful devices able to disinfect environments using ultraviolet radiation. Installing them in a space, a house or an office, prevents microorganisms such as spores, fungi, chlamydia and more from reproducing and harming humans.

AirNova purifiers clean the air in as many as 7 steps. The primary filter made of aluminum alloy can block pollutants such as dust, hair, pollen, airborne particles. The second one, a high-efficiency HEPA filter, removes 99.97% of contaminants including dust, allergens, germs and dangerous organic compounds. The cold catalyst filter absorbs and destroys formaldehyde, benzene and volatile organic compounds (VOC). Also, a 365 nm wavelength ultraviolet light is employed to kill bacteria and viruses. The high-efficiency activated carbon filter removes toxic gases, formaldehyde and benzene. Finally, the antibacterial cotton filter blocks microparticles of dust, mites and microorganisms.

Demolight is Nova line’s innovative demo display. It was designed to help customers choose the right lamp to fit their needs. How? Displayed LED lamps are on, so the customer can immediately see the intensity and color of the light emitted.

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